Monthly Archives: July 2012

Tonight get your weekly fix of poetry at The Annex in Asbury Park. It starts at 7 when Josh Ballard has a new discussion topic for our literary minds and then a writing prompt for our creative minds. Then we get to share all that and other words as Chris Rockwell hosts the open mic afterwards….also available tonight will be the next issue of The Idiom Magazine and copies of Thief-kus. Nicole Greenwood a regular at the Annex will have copies of her beautiful new chapbook, “If You Would Only Look Up” available!

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Slideshow of Soulsational Festival 2012…

So a bunch of Idiom poets, loser slammers, and seabirds played at the Soulsational Festival this past weekend!  We didn’t let the rain stop us from playing and reading and painting….here’s a slideshow of pics that I took throughout the day….

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So Saturday, at the soulsational festival, is the release of the newest Idiom and a collection of Thief-kus. Here’s a glimpse at parts of their covers. Come to the festival and learn how to be healthy and pick up a copy of these two lit mags with some great poems by the poetry tent. A whole slew of us will be reading there all day….and a puppy will be there….

A Tony Hoagland Poem

Here is a poem from this months issue of Poetry Magazine. Tony Hoagland is one of my favorite poets and here he is showing me again why I feel that way….

“There is no Word”

There isn’t a word for walking out of the grocery store
with a gallon jug of milk in a plastic sack
that should have been bagged in double layers

—so that before you are even out the door
you feel the weight of the jug dragging
the bag down, stretching the thin

plastic handles longer and longer
and you know it’s only a matter of time until
bottom suddenly splits.

There is no single, unimpeachable word
for that vague sensation of something
moving away from you

as it exceeds its elastic capacity
—which is too bad, because that is the word
I would like to use to describe standing on the street

chatting with an old friend
as the awareness grows in me that he is
no longer a friend, but only an acquaintance,

a person with whom I never made the effort—
until this moment, when as we say goodbye
I think we share a feeling of relief,

a recognition that we have reached
the end of a pretense,
though to tell the truth

what I already am thinking about
is my gratitude for language—
how it will stretch just so much and no farther;

how there are some holes it will not cover up;
how it will move, if not inside, then
around the circumference of almost anything—

how, over the years, it has given me
back all the hours and days, all the
plodding love and faith, all the

misunderstandings and secrets
I have willingly poured into it.

Here’s the link to the Poetry Magazine site. Check it out for more words and plenty of other things….

Thief-Ku’s are coming!

A regular aspect of The Idiom Magazine are the infamous “Diner Haikus”.  Inspired by the late night, coffee induced, rituals for those of us who can’t sleep after a show, Diner Haikus have been submitted to the Idiom on the backs of place mats from all over New Jersey.  They were started and continued by Keith Baird a regular writer and editor for Piscataway House Publications and even moved him to create a collection of Haiku from 5 other New Jersey writers into an anthology:


5, 7, then, 5
We must tell a whole story
in just three short lines


Now Keith has ventured further into the world of Haiku and has started creating them from conversations, facebook posts, tweets, and singled out lines from poems he hears at readings.  He has collected these pieces into a small collection he has titled, Thief-Kus which will be printed up by Piscataway House Publications and distributed for free at local Jersey venues and shows.  If you would like a copy of this limited print-up send an email to and we’ll see what we can do…. 
Thief-kus and the next issue of the Idiom will be available at this Saturday’s Soulsational Music and Wellness Festival

Aberration Labyrinth, a new online literary mag.

Check out this new online lit mag. Submit your work to it, plug it on your own blog, feel famous…

Can you name the two poets from the first issue who have been in the idiom?

Idiom podcast proposition

Idiom Podcast Idea

I have an idea for a poetry podcast that focuses more on the poem than the poet.

To get involved send 4 of your best poems (prose will be accepted too) to  These 4 poems will be used as the subject and basis of what we talk about during the podcast.

Please put “Idiom Podcast” in the subject line.

You should be in the new jersey area or able to travel there and open to criticism of your work.