Thief-Ku’s are coming!

A regular aspect of The Idiom Magazine are the infamous “Diner Haikus”.  Inspired by the late night, coffee induced, rituals for those of us who can’t sleep after a show, Diner Haikus have been submitted to the Idiom on the backs of place mats from all over New Jersey.  They were started and continued by Keith Baird a regular writer and editor for Piscataway House Publications and even moved him to create a collection of Haiku from 5 other New Jersey writers into an anthology:


5, 7, then, 5
We must tell a whole story
in just three short lines


Now Keith has ventured further into the world of Haiku and has started creating them from conversations, facebook posts, tweets, and singled out lines from poems he hears at readings.  He has collected these pieces into a small collection he has titled, Thief-Kus which will be printed up by Piscataway House Publications and distributed for free at local Jersey venues and shows.  If you would like a copy of this limited print-up send an email to and we’ll see what we can do…. 
Thief-kus and the next issue of the Idiom will be available at this Saturday’s Soulsational Music and Wellness Festival

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