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Downloadable content to get The Idiom to you….

So as I slowly learn how to use Dreamweaver the Idiom website will become fancier and fancier…..any suggestions on something you want to see on the website and I’ll see what I can do….

For now, we now give you the ability to download the Current Issue onto your computer in case the Flash file doesn’t work or you can even download the PDF onto your phone and view it from there….


Also while pursuing the web I found this site for Lamplighter Magazine they have a poetry section with some older articles about the poetry scene in NJ and a current article about a poet up north….Here is an article that briefly mentions The Idiom
If you wanna find a physical copy of The Idiom and your in the New Jersey area come check out Accidental Seabirds on Saturday at Trinity and The Pope in Asbury Park….Anthony from the current issue will be there and probably Amy who drew the cover…you’ll see them on a table….

The Idiom Magazine at the Brooklyn Book Festival!

So it’s official The Idiom Magazine has a table at The Brooklyn Book Festival which includes:

  • 100 square foot site (10’ x 10’)
  • one canopy for site
  • one 8 foot table with 2 chairs per site
  • one I.D. sign
  • one exhibitor listing in event publication and one listing on event website

We’ll be showing off the two new banners we just got made of The Idiom logo and the Piscataway House Publications logo. The vinyl banners were made by Bands on a Budget down in Asbury Park. They have great customer service and good prices if yer looking for a place to get stuff…

We’ll have free copies of the current issue of The Idiom and all of our books will be for sale at a discounted price…
Perhaps some of our friends will bring some of their chapbooks and display them around and about on the table. Specifically, some of Ink’s books, Bud Smith’s (Formerly known as Gary Smith) books of prose and poetry, Joshua Ballard and Chris Rockwell’s Chapbooks….


So if yer gonna be at the festival, stop by our table and say hi, meet the editors, and get some stuff….

My animated affection from Ink

Ink is a reoccurring writer for The Idiom. Check out one of his many chapbooks from his website, especially his new one Miserable With Fire Ink was also one of the contributing writers of 5,7, then 5 a book of Haiku from Piscataway House Publications….look for some future collaboration work with Ink and PHP coming soon!

“What will survive of us is love.”
— Philip Larkin (from “An Arundel Tomb”)

The first few knuckles of rock
let go of a cliff,
cascaded below,
took with them their fine glove of ice,
which, taken by surprise,
screamed the entire way down
beneath dull, extended fingers
of the surrounding scarp.

I fell for you at 3.71 m/s2
under the sign of a red planet
mistaken for a star
while playing peeping tom
like a monk from the Monastery of Teshuvah.

That was my opening line.
You laughed more earnestly
than I thought you would,
which is to say…you laughed
and added, “I like Futurama too.”

One romantic night
several months later,
we sat up in bed discussing
turn-ons of terraforming
a distant planet,
imagined for hours
cold only conquerable by human warmth.

When we finished our blueprints,
the orange glow of the bedside lamp
was swallowed by the sun,
which triggered the alarm clock
set by your hands
the night before.

We kissed goodbye.
You went off to work.
I went back to the blueprints.

Truth was,
I liked Futurama
for the dick and fart jokes,
so trying to read our plans
felt like listening to one half
of an ambiguous phone conversation:
cold, like swallowed echoes,
which brought me back to the surface
of the red planet,
exhaling carbon dioxide
from oxygen we manufactured,
frosting winter cliffs
that would feel the weight
come spring.
I love where Ink goes after those first two stanzas to a simple conversation about Futurama…I can relate to his awkwardness when saying something strange to a girl and when he read this piece on stage at the Annex I knew I had to have it….I feel a little sadness in that second to last stanza but that may be my own issues with having to say goodbye but maybe I feel that way because no goodbye was said…

New Issue of This Broken Shore

Broken Shore Cover

Broken Shore Summer 2012

The newest issue of This Broken Shore is out with some great writing in it….

  • an essay by editor of This Broken Shore, Daniel Weeks, about his Musings on Middle School…
  • Poetry by Michael Waters, Gregg Glory, Matthew V. Spano, Daniel Weeks, Emmanuel di Pasquale, and more….
  • A short story by writer, Carrie P. Hudak
  • and even a poem by Robert Pinsky, a long branch native and friend of the editors….
  • Also in the issue is a piece from the editors of The Idiom, Mark Brunetti

“Walking in a Field with my Friend Evan” by Mark Brunetti

I was walking in a field in my backyard
with my friend Evan
and if there’s anything he knows, it’s
alot about birds.
And he explains only the interesting
things about the birds
like the mourning dove and how
the sound it makes
is actually coming from its wings,
not its throat.
or the Grackle whom can make
two different sounds
at the same time,
who gets all excited before singing
puffing out its wings
and breast spazing uncontrollably.
We talked of Wallace Stevens
his 13 ways to describe
a blackbird.
And than we finally decided
that every bird has a poem to it
especially the robin
who jumps around
making it sound
like rain
tricking worms
to the surface only to face
their inevitable fate
being pulled from the ground
that keeps them alive.

I’m not sure how one finds an issue of This Broken Shore, but I’m sure if you try hard enough you can get one somewhere, submit your own work, and perhaps appear in the next issue…..

A blog to follow….

Here is a link to Chris McIntyre’s Blog

This post is his defense of Jack Kerouac and some of the predetermined hipsterish opinions about his work and Mac makes a great point….

Chris is the creator of Walking English a poetry blog where the idiom gets a lot of its work…

Check it all out and some of his other posts too…

Mike Noordzy and a day in his life with Mr. Adams…….

Mike Noordzy is the only writer to have been in every single issue of The Idiom Magazine….it has helped that for the majority of it he lived across the hall and that time we stayed up all night watching Twilight Zone in Sergio’s basement…..

Check out Nacht Records to hear some of his music and other musicians that he spawns

Bryan Adams

couple years ago
sittin in a hotel room with Bryan Adams
yeah, that Bryan Adams
how i ended up there is a longer story that is not entirely known to me
it had been a dizzying whirlwind type of morning and i knew my sense of time and location would end up gravely distorted so i thought it best not to question.
and so it was around 4pm
nicest room in of the better Best Westerns
Bryan, emerging from the bathroom in nothing but a poorly wrapped towel
hair dripping, steam billowing out the door
he looked at me very seriously
i didn’t know what to say
“…Well, i’ll let you get dressed……maybe i’ll check out the pool, guy in the elevator said they have a slide.”
Bryan shook his head and stretched out on the bed.
“I don’t think so.”
“I’ll come right back.” I replied
“I don’t think so, and that’s the end of it. I don’t want you to leave my sight.”
Then he motioned for me to join him, pointing to the foot wide space on the edge of bed
“I mean, that slide sounded pretty cool.”
“Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up.”
I sat down and leaned back, he put an arm around me
He turned on the television
Women’s bowling was on ESPN 13
Bryan made a “Womp, womp” sound effect anytime a gal rolled less than a strike.
After making the sound he would squeeze my shoulder and laugh hysterically for a way longer than the appropriate time. I have to admit, after awhile it was pretty funny
Wait, was it Bryan Adams? maybe it wasn’t
He said his name was Bryan
Maybe it was J. Geils
or maybe it was just some guy
Maybe it was no one and I was there by myself like on some fight club shit.
i don’t know
2006 was weird

Free Literature classes online….

We learned how to use Adobe Products through online videos posted on youtube…..Why wouldn’t that work for everything else?
here is a site that offers free course and I’m already signed up for Contemporary and Modern Poetry, Greek and Roman Mythology, and Intro to Philiosopy…..

Just the other day some of the Idiom editors were editing an anthology and discussing some of the cool things about a short story we liked.  The main character was Sam so I was kind of connecting him with Samson….I vaguely know the story from a Regina Specktor song but don’t know a lot of the major details about it so we spent some time looking it up and finding that the short story was indeed a bit of an Allegory to that story….

but I still don’t know if the Samson story is Biblical, Roman, or Greek or where-ever it came from……We should know that shit…..sign up with us….check out the rest of the site for pretty cool classes…..