Mike Noordzy and a day in his life with Mr. Adams…….

Mike Noordzy is the only writer to have been in every single issue of The Idiom Magazine….it has helped that for the majority of it he lived across the hall and that time we stayed up all night watching Twilight Zone in Sergio’s basement…..

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Bryan Adams

couple years ago
sittin in a hotel room with Bryan Adams
yeah, that Bryan Adams
how i ended up there is a longer story that is not entirely known to me
it had been a dizzying whirlwind type of morning and i knew my sense of time and location would end up gravely distorted so i thought it best not to question.
and so it was around 4pm
nicest room in of the better Best Westerns
Bryan, emerging from the bathroom in nothing but a poorly wrapped towel
hair dripping, steam billowing out the door
he looked at me very seriously
i didn’t know what to say
“…Well, i’ll let you get dressed……maybe i’ll check out the pool, guy in the elevator said they have a slide.”
Bryan shook his head and stretched out on the bed.
“I don’t think so.”
“I’ll come right back.” I replied
“I don’t think so, and that’s the end of it. I don’t want you to leave my sight.”
Then he motioned for me to join him, pointing to the foot wide space on the edge of bed
“I mean, that slide sounded pretty cool.”
“Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up.”
I sat down and leaned back, he put an arm around me
He turned on the television
Women’s bowling was on ESPN 13
Bryan made a “Womp, womp” sound effect anytime a gal rolled less than a strike.
After making the sound he would squeeze my shoulder and laugh hysterically for a way longer than the appropriate time. I have to admit, after awhile it was pretty funny
Wait, was it Bryan Adams? maybe it wasn’t
He said his name was Bryan
Maybe it was J. Geils
or maybe it was just some guy
Maybe it was no one and I was there by myself like on some fight club shit.
i don’t know
2006 was weird

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