My animated affection from Ink

Ink is a reoccurring writer for The Idiom. Check out one of his many chapbooks from his website, especially his new one Miserable With Fire Ink was also one of the contributing writers of 5,7, then 5 a book of Haiku from Piscataway House Publications….look for some future collaboration work with Ink and PHP coming soon!

“What will survive of us is love.”
— Philip Larkin (from “An Arundel Tomb”)

The first few knuckles of rock
let go of a cliff,
cascaded below,
took with them their fine glove of ice,
which, taken by surprise,
screamed the entire way down
beneath dull, extended fingers
of the surrounding scarp.

I fell for you at 3.71 m/s2
under the sign of a red planet
mistaken for a star
while playing peeping tom
like a monk from the Monastery of Teshuvah.

That was my opening line.
You laughed more earnestly
than I thought you would,
which is to say…you laughed
and added, “I like Futurama too.”

One romantic night
several months later,
we sat up in bed discussing
turn-ons of terraforming
a distant planet,
imagined for hours
cold only conquerable by human warmth.

When we finished our blueprints,
the orange glow of the bedside lamp
was swallowed by the sun,
which triggered the alarm clock
set by your hands
the night before.

We kissed goodbye.
You went off to work.
I went back to the blueprints.

Truth was,
I liked Futurama
for the dick and fart jokes,
so trying to read our plans
felt like listening to one half
of an ambiguous phone conversation:
cold, like swallowed echoes,
which brought me back to the surface
of the red planet,
exhaling carbon dioxide
from oxygen we manufactured,
frosting winter cliffs
that would feel the weight
come spring.
I love where Ink goes after those first two stanzas to a simple conversation about Futurama…I can relate to his awkwardness when saying something strange to a girl and when he read this piece on stage at the Annex I knew I had to have it….I feel a little sadness in that second to last stanza but that may be my own issues with having to say goodbye but maybe I feel that way because no goodbye was said…

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