The Idiom Magazine at the Brooklyn Book Festival!

So it’s official The Idiom Magazine has a table at The Brooklyn Book Festival which includes:

  • 100 square foot site (10’ x 10’)
  • one canopy for site
  • one 8 foot table with 2 chairs per site
  • one I.D. sign
  • one exhibitor listing in event publication and one listing on event website

We’ll be showing off the two new banners we just got made of The Idiom logo and the Piscataway House Publications logo. The vinyl banners were made by Bands on a Budget down in Asbury Park. They have great customer service and good prices if yer looking for a place to get stuff…

We’ll have free copies of the current issue of The Idiom and all of our books will be for sale at a discounted price…
Perhaps some of our friends will bring some of their chapbooks and display them around and about on the table. Specifically, some of Ink’s books, Bud Smith’s (Formerly known as Gary Smith) books of prose and poetry, Joshua Ballard and Chris Rockwell’s Chapbooks….


So if yer gonna be at the festival, stop by our table and say hi, meet the editors, and get some stuff….

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