Downloadable content to get The Idiom to you….

So as I slowly learn how to use Dreamweaver the Idiom website will become fancier and fancier…..any suggestions on something you want to see on the website and I’ll see what I can do….

For now, we now give you the ability to download the Current Issue onto your computer in case the Flash file doesn’t work or you can even download the PDF onto your phone and view it from there….


Also while pursuing the web I found this site for Lamplighter Magazine they have a poetry section with some older articles about the poetry scene in NJ and a current article about a poet up north….Here is an article that briefly mentions The Idiom
If you wanna find a physical copy of The Idiom and your in the New Jersey area come check out Accidental Seabirds on Saturday at Trinity and The Pope in Asbury Park….Anthony from the current issue will be there and probably Amy who drew the cover…you’ll see them on a table….


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