Theidiommag’s Podcast! #1 featuring Ink


So The Idiom has started a podcast and the first one is up and running!

Our first submission was by Ink a regular contributor to The Idiom. Also on the site are his poems so you can read along with the podcast and it’s comments. If you have any of your own responses feel free to submit a comment on The Idiom’s Blog post in reference to the Podcast.

(It may take a minute for the podcast to download)

So here’s how the The Idiom Podcast works: A writer sends 4-6 pieces to The editors, Mark Brunetti and Keith Baird go through the poems, critique and discuss them, then the writer comes on the show and we discuss our opinions about the poems….where they came from, what the poet things about our critique or perhaps what they really meant…..Really the focus of the show is on the actual poems and a close reading of them.

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  2. Since Mark and Keith alerted to the odd stanza in “Again in my monster’s mouth, I’ve rearranged the lines in the offending stanzas and come to truly appreciate the resulting uniformity.

    Many many thanks for having me on as your guinea pig! It was great fun and very refreshing to hear intimate, earnest, and thorough thoughts regarding the work into which I place so much of my heart and mind. Can’t wait to hear future podcasts!

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