The Idiom Volume 8 Issue 1 online and subscriptions now available!

Volume 8 Issue 1 Cover

Can you name all the twilight zone characters and objects on this cover?

The newest issue of the idiom is out and ready to read!  Check out our cover done by Nicole Greenwood….Here at the Idiom we love the Twilight Zone and when she approached us with the idea to draw a cover with characters and objects from the series….well we loved the idea and it came out great….

In this issue Gregg Glory address the idea of politics in poetry, Chris Rockwell from the Tuesday nite readings has a piece about our worth, some Diner Haikus from Keith Baird, and Walking English makes a comeback in this issue!

Ron Kolm also has a piece and we will be interviewing him this month in our Idiom Podcast….

You can check out the new issue here and also download it in PDF form if you need too….

Also on the site….The Idiom is now accepting Subscriptions for the first time ever!  Send $10 to our paypal account and throughout the year you will receive a copy of the current issue of the Idiom Magazine to bring with you where ever you go….

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