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Interview w/ an upcoming novelist and our podcasts

Here’s a link to an interview from the author Bud Smith and his upcoming book Tollbooth published by Pisataway House Publications!

Very excited to be working with him on this project and he’ll be on an idiom podcast soon, till then check out our latest podcast interview with Chris McIntyre at the idiom website

Volume 8 issue 2 of The Idiom

Vol 8 Issue 2 Cover by Josh "Dogmatic" Matson

Vol 8 Issue 2 Cover by Josh “Dogmatic” Matson

So Volume 8 Issue 2 came out in December and this is the beautiful cover made by Dogmatic…click on it to get to the site where you can browse through the whole issue…..scroll through the pages to see my top 5 pieces from it and the reasons why we chose it for publication….Feburary’s coming soon so send your work in and we’ll consider it for the issue!

Video from Josh Ballard’s Book Release Party


Josh Ballard’s book release party was a great time!  We had plenty of readers and bands throughout the night…

Here’s a link to a youtube video of some clips from the night’s shenanigans and a whole poem by Josh at the end…

Also here is the amazon page where you can order his book published by Piscataway House Publications