Volume 8 issue 2 of The Idiom

  • Stephen McNamara Stephen is a regular to the Idiom and a writer for the blog Walking English where we get a lot of material….I am very close to Steve and occasionally in our phone conversations about myth and heroes and our writing and the groundhog, we mention the relationship we have with our parents and where we came from and pretty much where everyone comes from (no matter how hard they try to fight it)…

    “we will always be children”

    my mother always
    quoted a poem,
    “fog rolls in on little cat’s feet,”
    convinced that this one line
    was the whole of it,
    as her favorite poem

    over breakfast
    trying to relate to me
    as i ate and she moved
    about the kitchen

    and now i’m thirty
    and now i write poems
    and for most of
    the last
    I’ve known that
    my mother’s favorite

    poem has other lines
    and those lines
    are just as good as
    “fog rolls in on little cat’s feet”

    but i still write
    short ones
    of just a handful
    of lines or

    deep down
    in a Freudian way
    weather he’s right or wrong
    weather i need to or not


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