Volume 8 issue 2 of The Idiom

  • Jessica Gleason Another regular to The Idiom, but we’ve never even met Jessica….a professor out in the midwest, she has a novel out and sends us poems on a regular basis, sometimes about her past relationships and sometimes about her interest in video games, fantasy, or other pop culture images….this poem brings me back to the hours I spent as Link hacking through the grass to replenish my health by finding a fairy or some rubes to buy an overly expensive shield that will just get eaten by a piece of bread in a castle soon anyways…

    “This Addiction”

    Mowing the lawn is always
    an exciting prospect,
    but never quite yields the results
    I’d been hoping for.
    Yes, the grass is shorter.
    The weeds, managed.
    But I never find the
    rupees, heart containers or
    healing fairies that always
    pop-up in the game.
    Extending life, health and
    my ever-empty pocket book
    always seems much more
    attainable if cutting
    the grass is all that’s required.

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