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Asbury Book Festival Pictures

The Idiom Magazine was at the Asbury Book Festival on April 20 mannnnnnnnn….we were setup at Art629 a nice lil gallery on Cookman Avenue…

art629 with the Idiom Banner

We began by setting up shop at our table, hanging up our banners and spreading out some idioms for display

Keith setting up Mark Brunetti at the Idiom tableKeith at the Idiom table Idiom Magazine Table at ABF

Then Dogmatic showed up to start doing his liveart outside!

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Greg Schwartz showed up too!

Schwartz hanging out Greg Schwartz at ABF

And some other friends we met up with throughout the day:  some pulpy fiction, an artist who shares my fake last name and Jeff Raspe from Brookdale Radio

Episodes from the Zero Hour!

LBrunetti's card

Jeff Raspe and Dogmatic

Douglas also watched us read some words as he hung out the window of a coffee shop on Cookman

Douglas Berry hanging out

Overall, a great day in Asbury.  We handed out about 100 Idioms met some new local writers and spreading that word a lil further then it was yesterday…

Group of Poets at ABF


Asbury Park Bookfest


Saturday on 4/20 mannnnnnnnnn come check out the idiom magazine and Piscataway House publications at the Asbury Park Book Festival.

We’ll be at Table 21 at Art 629 on Cookman Ave. hopefully it doesn’t get rained out!

The Idiom Podcast #6 with Bud Smith about The Literary Underground

The Idiom Podcast #6 with Bud Smith and The Literary Underground

It’s April National Poetry Month and this month’s podcast focuses on The Literary Underground that provides a place for poets to go and read others work, hear podcasts about writing, and find online and print zines to submit their work.

In this podcast we talk to Bud Smith who runs the podcast The Unknown Show off of the site on Tuesday nights.  Check out the site and everything that it has to give…

Frankie Metro and his continual search for a good movie

Frankie Metro was recommended from our good friend Bud Smith another writer from this issue…I like that he goes to watch movies on election day instead of voting.  Doing anything instead of politics is a reoccurring theme in the idiom…

Find rest of the current issue here

While Searching for a Movie on Election Day

On election day,
he wonders
why this pirated
Satanic double feature
refuses to stream,

why can’t he make it
further than 5 minutes
into 1982,
& why “Satan’s Baby Doll” won’t play,

why “The Chelsea Girls”
don’t exist anymore,
why “The Last Bomb”
of 1945
now comes in the deluxe edition,

why “The Devil’s Mass” of 1975
wears a blue face
on the new avatar,
why cold hearts have bright eyes,
why some people’s votes
were mailed in before
they made it to the polls,

why “With A Girl of Black Soil”
“Fat Kids Rule The World”,

& why “Hellborn”
is just
above “The Mechanical Man”
on a list
of non-alphabetic

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

Poets and Writers,

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

Here is a lil video I made showing “How I Publish The Idiom Magazine”

Check out our other video on our Youtube site to see us reading words, playing music, and other fun stuff….stay tuned for future videos on The Idioms behind The Idiom