Frankie Metro and his continual search for a good movie

Frankie Metro was recommended from our good friend Bud Smith another writer from this issue…I like that he goes to watch movies on election day instead of voting.  Doing anything instead of politics is a reoccurring theme in the idiom…

Find rest of the current issue here

While Searching for a Movie on Election Day

On election day,
he wonders
why this pirated
Satanic double feature
refuses to stream,

why can’t he make it
further than 5 minutes
into 1982,
& why “Satan’s Baby Doll” won’t play,

why “The Chelsea Girls”
don’t exist anymore,
why “The Last Bomb”
of 1945
now comes in the deluxe edition,

why “The Devil’s Mass” of 1975
wears a blue face
on the new avatar,
why cold hearts have bright eyes,
why some people’s votes
were mailed in before
they made it to the polls,

why “With A Girl of Black Soil”
“Fat Kids Rule The World”,

& why “Hellborn”
is just
above “The Mechanical Man”
on a list
of non-alphabetic

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