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Flashback Friday with Anthon Chekhov

Chekhov reading the idiom

Chekhov reading the idiom on a blustery day….

Our Flashback Friday goes back a lil to those late 1800’s to the mother country Russia with short story and play writer, Anton Chekhov.

Known for his early use of the type of writing which eventually became known as ‘stream of consciousness’ Chekhov was obviously influenced by the poetry and writings from the first anthology of The Idiom magazine.

Diner Haikus in the current issue….

Diner Haikus the epitome of each issue in the Idiom Magazine:

For those late nights / early mornings when you’re wired on 17 cups of coffee and can only focus on 3 lines at a time anyway. The traditional syllable count for the Japanese poem is 5, 7, 5.


Here are some from this issue by Keith Baird

“Restaurant Etiquette”

sending your food back?
you might as well order a
side of spit with that


alcohol induced
epiphanies hold more truth
than talking to god



Follow @DinerHaikus on Twitter for your daily dose of haiku (sometimes I miss a few days after crashing from a caffiene binge, then I post a whole buncha haiku from said crash). There’s also a book of Haiku I’m in somewhere at
5, 7, then 5
We must tell a whole story
In just three short lines

Einstein quote he may have stolen from an Early Issue of The Idiom

Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Inside reports are showing that he may have stolen it from an early issue of The Idiom Magazine. Below is an early poem of The Idiom’s from its second anthology by Stephen McNamara:


always define insanity as

repeating the same action and
expecting different results

they always define
it like that
every time

always to people
they are hoping to fix

and these people
never get fixed

any of the times

Of course we have no proof of any of these allegations….

Flashback Friday Einstein Reading the Idiom

Here is a picture of Quantum Physics Master Einstein reading The Idiom

Stay tuned for this Flashback Friday to see where else the idiom has shown up….

Flashback Friday!! Einstein reads The Idiom

Flashback Friday Einstein Reading the Idiom

Here is a picture of Quantum Physics Master Einstein reading The Idiom

It’s Flashback Friday everybody!  Here’s a picture going way back of Einstein reading The Idiom Magazine!  Have a good weekend….

More on John Grey

Here is another section of John Greys poem from the current issue I like how he goes from this nature type image of trees to this woman’s past….especially the use of tree branches to Christmas trees to family trees makes the poem feel connected and then the comments around the story don’t seem so abstract….

Real branches don’t align.
Nor are they of equal strength.
Hang one bulb, the limb
keeps to the horizontal.
Hang one elsewhere, and
everything sags.
She can remember
Christmases from childhood.
String the lights,
flip the switch,
and those gray leaves shone
like candles in mirrors.
What does green know from gleaming? Green she associates with grass
and grass with boring.

John Grey poem in the recent issue

She doesn’t want a real tree.
Metal was good enough for her mother
then it’s good enough for her.
She hates the needles
spilling all over the floor.
And then there’s
asymmetric, ill-matched nature.

This is a selection from the current issue (may 2013 vol 8 issue 4) of the Idiom magazine

By John Grey titled “Get Real”

That selection is the beginning of the poem and the ambiguous and amazing use of line breaks brought me into the piece….

the rest of the piece stays constant with the voice and expands on the mother and her life…

check the link above for the rest of the poem and more from this issue!

Picking words for the next issue

We’re picking new pieces for the next issue of The Idiom! That means we’re clearing out our mailbox for the next next issue!

Send us yer words whether they are in poetry, fiction, or essay form or even a list of things you are doing this summer…

Idiom submission page

We had an idiom meeting last night to continue working on book projects and other things so stay tuned…

Idiom Podcast #7 with Ron Kolm Part 2

Ron Kolm's chapbook Divine Comedy

Ron Kolm’s chapbook Divine Comedy









Ron Kolm Podcast #2 Divine Comedy

We have Ron Kolm back again…well not back again but the second half of our first interview with him. 

We are releasing this now because he is coming out with a chapbook entitled Divine Comedy which is the three part poem we talk about in this interview.

the book launch will be at Gathering of the Tribes (Fly By Night Press is a tribes imprint):  285 E. 3rd Street New York, on Saturday, May 18th, at seven in the evening.

Thad Rutkowski, Chavisa Woods, Carl Watson, Bonny Finberg, George Spencer, Tsaurah Litzky, Rob Hardin and Steve Dalachinsky will be reading poems from the book. As always, Jim Feast will be the MC.  There will be copies of the book for sale; it should also be in St. Mark’s Books by then — eventually autonomedia will put it up on amazon —

Ron Kolm podcast #2

This weekend we will be posting the second half of our interview with Ron Kolm from the Poetry group the Unbearables. We interviewed him back in November and split up our conversation about his poems.

Ron is releasing his book Divine Comedy and in our podcast we talk about some of the poems available in the chapbook.

Here is a link to the first half of the interview:

Ron Kolm Idiom Podcast #1