Diner Haikus in the current issue….

Diner Haikus the epitome of each issue in the Idiom Magazine:

For those late nights / early mornings when you’re wired on 17 cups of coffee and can only focus on 3 lines at a time anyway. The traditional syllable count for the Japanese poem is 5, 7, 5.


Here are some from this issue by Keith Baird

“Restaurant Etiquette”

sending your food back?
you might as well order a
side of spit with that


alcohol induced
epiphanies hold more truth
than talking to god



Follow @DinerHaikus on Twitter for your daily dose of haiku (sometimes I miss a few days after crashing from a caffiene binge, then I post a whole buncha haiku from said crash). There’s also a book of Haiku I’m in somewhere at www.theidiommag.com
5, 7, then 5
We must tell a whole story
In just three short lines

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