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In remembrance of Rod

Unfortunately, the Idiom is in the middle of moving and we don’t have a new Flashback Friday for you….here are our past ones so you can catch up!

Also it has been 38 years since the death of Rod Serling a personal hero and influence on the idiom…new years wouldn’t be the same without the twilight zone marathon….here is a past idiom cover that has different characters of the show drawn by idiom poet, Nicole Greenwood:


Flashback Friday with Isabella <3 <3 <3

This Flashback Friday celebrates one of the Idiom’s favorite movies and actresses….this week it was Isabella Rossellini’s birthday on June 18th….if you haven’t, check out her videos about animal motherhood….do that now

painful idiom reading

Isabella in Blue Velvet as her and Jeffrey read painful poems to each other from the idiom…

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and check out past Flashback Fridays!

A new chapbook by Moon Motel

Local Asbury Park musician and poet, Moon Motel, recently came out with a new chapbook Fortune Cookies Are From America

It’s got some good lines in it and great artwork displayed throughout….

“There used to be a kid who came by to visit me/ He never asked me for shit/ he was a good kid”

One page even uses a ‘fortune cookie’ type font and lists some great one liners in a William Blake, Marriage of Heaven and Hell type style….

“Friendships are not in passing.”
“Take comfort in the fact that everybody’s story ends the same.”

Find Moon Motel on Facebook and find a chapbook at his shows….

Events and things coming up….

I’ll get back to talking about some of the recent pieces in the Idiom next week….for now I’ll just post a lil piece about upcoming local poetry events in the Jersey area….if you have anything coming up definitely post it in the comments with a link as to where people can find info on it!


Idiom Poet, Mark Brunetti, was also recently published in the 2nd issue of Kleftjaw magazine Summer 2013…..their submission period is open for issue 3 so send them some words for consideration….


Also coming soon is going to be information regarding a local poety, music, and art contest that Idiom poet Mark Brunetti will be a judge for…..

I apologize if yer not local and none of these events are relateable to you…..we’ll be back with our flashback Fridays in a few days and everything will return to normal…..relax….

Flashback Friday, an Art Show, a birthday, and a Wedding walk into a bar….

This weekend was full of so many fun things!

A great Flashback Friday celebrating Maurice’s b-day this week and Flag day:

Wild Idioms

An unused picture of young Max carrying an Idiom flag…

One of our cover artist’s Dogmatic had an artshow in Keyport:


dogmatic in keyport

He painted in front of Espresso Joe’s and has his artwork displayed there for a lil bit, go check it out and get some great vegan cookies:


Doggy World

Here is a clip of his painting when I began to leave.  Keyport also has a summer music series on Friday and Saturday nights….

Coffee and Guitars

Dogmatic painting at Espresso Joes


Then later that night we went to a Wedding Reception for some friends on the beach, Congrats to Jen and Damien from Elevator Art….Jen has submitted various covers for The Idiom….

Jen and Daimon with sparklers on the beach

Jen and Daimon with sparklers on the beach

and finally this Sunday is a very special birthday!  Buddy Bishop one of the earliest writers for The Idiom Magazine had his story, Dajizingui, published in the first issue, Happy Birthday Guy!



A Tribute to William S. Burroughs

Did you hear about what happened to Jimmy? He met this really hot chick at a Phish concert, he got digits of course.

Anyway they got together at some party and were playing “Truth or Truth.” She confessed that she liked it when guys would cum on her. Jimbo, intrigued, asked if she likes it on any specific place or her body and she replied: Everywhere. So they got playful and before you know it she was on her knees. Incredible! There was no gag reflex on that woman. So Jimmy returned the favor and a half hour and two orgasms later they were ready to bang. (You don’t understand , this was absolutely the hottest and most incredible woman Jim had ever hooked up with) By this time Jim was so built up that he was ready to explode. The part that she was waiting for. Finally, they simultaneously climaxed in a sensational thrusting, screaming, orgasm. He took his cock out and came on her bush and on her thighs. He filled up her naval and pointed at her face, her hair, her forehead, her eyes, her nostrils, were drenched in seamen. He filled up her mouth till it overflowed with creamy happiness. The accumulation poured over her onto the bed sheets. She was loving it and he was in heaven. She turned over and screamed, “Cum on my ass!” He followed orders and came over that sweet shitty ass and on her back. “Yes! Yes!” she screamed as she turned back over to get another mouthful. The Jism Juice turned from white to yellowish to blood. The collage of colors on her stomach was actually very beautiful. But the blood turned darker and thicker as the orgasm intensified. Suddenly while she was in mid scream his right nut shot out of his dick right into her mouth. She played with it like she used to in her high school days when she would tie the stem of a cherry in a knot using only her tongue. His face, still euphoric lit up when the other nut shot her in the forehead. She enjoyed that more than any part of the whole night. “More!” she cried out. Jim didn’t know what came over him. He experienced such great pleasure that he was speechless.

He couldn’t even moan or vocalize the feeling he had as he continued squirting waves of blood and semen. Jim was knocked back by a thrust that exploded a ball shaped object (his bladder I suspected) out of his penis. The organ hit the ceiling and exploded like a water balloon, covering them both in urine. Needless to say they were in complete bliss, but Jim was not finished. As she jerked him off the intensity rose to a new level and his cock burst apart like when Bugs Bunny put a rock in Yosemite Sam’s cannon. He shot a kidney right into her face. The other bounced onto the floor followed by his fall bladder then his liver orgasmed onto her chest. And finally Jimmy’s intestines came pouring out onto her face. She pulled it out of him like a fire hose with to much slack. His large intestine followed…then the rectum…she pulled so hard that in one motion she pulled his rectum through his penis and turned him completely inside out. “Yes!” she moaned as she rubbed his carcass all over her body.




Flashback Friday celebrating Maurice Sendak’s birthday and Flag Day….

It’s Flag Day! and it was Maurice Sendak’s birthday on the 10th….this Flashback Friday we give you an unused picture from his book Where the Wild Things Are that originally had young Max carrying an Idiom flag through the woods….


Wild Idioms

An unused picture of young Max carrying an Idiom flag…

Aleathia reading her poem Inherent Topography….

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the Dodge Poets and poetry event’s I attend it’s that sometimes you can get more from a poem without reading it and hearing it be read out loud to you….

So I won’t be posting the poem in this draft (of course you can always find it in the current issue)

but here is the link to an audio file of Aleathia reading her piece


  • We liked the lines about “the heart that can’t control its destination of its beats” and the “sleeping back rise and fall like overthrown countries in turmoil”. There’s a certain flow to this poem that exists when she reads it out loud and if you are looking at the piece you see how that works with her stanzas and line breaks. All the stanzas are 4 lines each except for the first one which has an additional line which draws focus to the title of the piece within the poem.
  • The shorter lines at the end help create a conclusion for the poem and gives an additional sense of isolation from the short 2 word lines unlike the rest of the piece which is more concrete and descriptive. Even the last three images we are given, the pen stopping, the books toppling, the trucks racing prepare us for the lonely ending.
  • The contradiction of asking an uncle in prison for a soft hand is unpredictable, but fitting for the next line talking about “misguided morality”.


and don’t forget tomorrow is Flashback Friday where we will be celebrating Flag Day and Maurice Sendak’s Birthday with an original picture from Where the Wild Things Are that featured an Idiom flag….

The idiom website….

There’s so much going on with The Idiom Website and blog, I thought I’d use this post to let you know about it all:

Aleathia Drehmer explaining her poem Inherent Topography….

Aleathia sent us a clip of her explaining where her poem Inherent Topography came from

You can check out the rest of the issue here

We also have a few new events listed on The Idiom Magazine’s Main Site so check those out….come say hi and pick up a copy of the current issue….

and stay tuned for our Flashback Friday for this week….its gonna be a good one!

Poet Aleathia Drehmer from The Idiom

This week we are going to feature poet, Aleathia Drehmer, from Current Issue

Here is one of her poems and the next few posts over the next couple of days are going to feature the audio files that she submitted which talk about this poem and some audio of her reading it!

Inherent Topography

My ears buzz with the rushing
of early morning highway tires—
trucks moving cargo across
imaginary maps across
inherent topography.

I place a pile of books
on the side of the bed
where I’d rather see your
sleeping back rise and fall

like overthrown countries
in turmoil. I stack them high
to keep the truth
of your invisibility a secret.

I write a letter to my uncle
in prison asking for a soft hand
on my misguided morality
knowing he would understand

a heart doesn’t control
the destination of its beats;
it doesn’t discriminate when love
moves in without asking.

4 pages later the pen stops
and the books topple
and the trucks keep racing
away from me until I see how alone

I really am. I shut
out the light
and listen
for your breathing.