Some Rick Park poems from the last issue….

Rick Park Cover

Cover of Volume 8 Issue 4 by Rick Park


Rick Park who did our current cover has also had his poetry published in some of our previous issues and even gave us some haikus to use for our Diner Haiku section.  Here’s a poem of his from the last issue:


I know a couple of
gals named Susie.
If one of them won’t believe I
wrote this poem for her,
then maybe the other one will.
Susie, I’ve been true to you.
I set my gold watch, unwound,
to the moment you walked out on me,
atop the mantle,
never pass it without a sigh.


In other Idiom news we talked with Idiom poet and musician, Mike Noordzy last night for our podcast….we discussed his different types of poems, his influences, and he told us some stories about guys peeing on hotel lobbys and other on tour stories……then it all got erased…..I saved the file in a dropbox folder and apparently that erases all audio files that are to big for it to hold……sometimes we really suck at doing things but we have a new plan to fix the situation especially after we tried to drunkenly recreate the interview which hardly worked……I suck


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