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Pictures at the New York poetry festival today

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The Idiom at the New York Poetry Festival

Saturday only the idiom magazine will have a table at the New York poetry festival!

We’ll have free copies of the current issue to give away and a whole box of back issues that I want to unload….we will have books for sale and our fancy banners to show off so come and find us and talk with the editors….

Mental Illness and the public’s reaction

In our current issue Jenny wrote a lil article about the state of mental health. She drew up some pictures based on the letter and her essay. Here is the second picture (the first one is in a previous post)…

Don’t forget to check out her blog too… Thanks!

Every bed in a

Rejected Minds

So in our current issue one of our regulars, Jenny who is both a great artist and a writer, submitted a lil essay on the current state of mental illness and how it is treated…

I asked her to contribute some drawings and commentary with it and here’s what she sent us:

Hmm I’ve been thinking about illustrating the whole essay to make it more clear but also I’ve been having an idea to respond in some way to a rejection email I got when I submitted it elsewhere to Red Fez because the person who reviewed it really ripped it into pieces and in a way that made me really mad bc how they ripped it apart was very ignorant I felt bc they didn’t like me talking shit about the government and only talking about poor people who are mentally ill. I guess they don’t know about poverty or just don’t care about the poor and only want to read stuff about non poor people I don’t know…

here are two images. One is a response to a sentence in the rejection letter and the other is an illustrated version of the same sentence that the rejector is upset by.

I would like to make fun of every sentence that they wrote, but they wrote so many, the rejection email is like an essay in itself, not sure if I will get around to dissecting the rest of it. Feel free to post these on your blog if you want and kindly put a link to my blog Thanks

Here’s one of the images she sent and we will have the other later this week… Rejection Lessons

Poetry Contest in Jersey

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long….I temporarily live without Internet right now and hardly get phone service in my home to update the blog…but until my continual return here is some info on an event put on by the former Idiom intern with prize money for poets, artists, songwriters, and colabs….

Ministry of Artistic Intent Presents “The Summer Showdown Contest & Art Sale & Open Mic”

Sunday, August 25 @ 3PM
Middletown Arts Center
36 Church Street
Middletown, NJ

Suggested Donation $4

Deadline to submit to contest is August 12th
Submit 3 pieces with $10 entry fee
The top 5 perform at the Summer Showdown to win prize packages.
For more information go to
or email

Frank Reardon and his elbows soul

Franks poem is full of barroom recollections and great one liners…

truth is,
i like the way
the soul
of my elbow
when leaning into
the dark oak
of the bar

His thoughts are in response to a letter to a priest looking for his special talent and frank finds it in “the dark private corners” and his ability in finding enjoyment in crappy cover bands…

Check out the rest of his poem in the current issue

Comment below and share yer appreciation and pleasures from yer favorite bars….if its a good story perhaps we’ll publish it in the summer issue….