Rejected Minds

So in our current issue one of our regulars, Jenny who is both a great artist and a writer, submitted a lil essay on the current state of mental illness and how it is treated…

I asked her to contribute some drawings and commentary with it and here’s what she sent us:

Hmm I’ve been thinking about illustrating the whole essay to make it more clear but also I’ve been having an idea to respond in some way to a rejection email I got when I submitted it elsewhere to Red Fez because the person who reviewed it really ripped it into pieces and in a way that made me really mad bc how they ripped it apart was very ignorant I felt bc they didn’t like me talking shit about the government and only talking about poor people who are mentally ill. I guess they don’t know about poverty or just don’t care about the poor and only want to read stuff about non poor people I don’t know…

here are two images. One is a response to a sentence in the rejection letter and the other is an illustrated version of the same sentence that the rejector is upset by.

I would like to make fun of every sentence that they wrote, but they wrote so many, the rejection email is like an essay in itself, not sure if I will get around to dissecting the rest of it. Feel free to post these on your blog if you want and kindly put a link to my blog Thanks

Here’s one of the images she sent and we will have the other later this week… Rejection Lessons

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