Ryan Swofford’s poem in the current issue

Although we began handing out the nextissue of The Idiom at the New York Poetry Festival, I’m gonna finish up this week on the blog with some poems from the last issue…
I relate to Ryan’s poem, <em>Expectations</em> in <a href=”http://theidiommag.com/idiommagazine.html”>the current issue</a> because I myself am a student…and sometimes as a student I felt like I was faking it or playing the role and “had to/ get one B/ I had to because I didn’t want to/ seem like I was trying to hard”
His first stanza really sets the scene with great line breaks for the narrator and all too…
“An honor student
would never get so much shit
as me, so long as he
kept his grades up
combed his hair
tucked in his shirt, and firmly!
shook hands with his boss
or his teacher, handing him
an award
(oh, would you look at that?
four-point-oh, what a beauty!)”

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