Tollbooth: Chapters 8-10

The next few chapters in Tollbooth! Check out our book release parties coming up….

bud smith

*** continuing the serialization of Tollbooth***
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Here in Bud Smith land, I’m gearing up for a few release parties for Tollbooth down in New Jersey where this book takes place. I’m also on my way tomorrow to the post office to mail copies of this book out to peeps who have requested signed ones. If you would like a signed one, hit me up,click here



I called Ted from a pay phone. He was my only remaining friend. “It’s been a while,” I said into the phone. “What’s new?”

Ted was at his desk at the DMV, where he worked, ate, and sometimes slept.

“Nothing,” he admitted. “Gym. Paperwork. Kelly wants to go to get passports. We’re talking about visiting Peru.”

“Peru! Holy snap! I should be doing that. I should be going to Peru.”

“Yeah, yeah—you should, really,” he said…

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