Nicole Greenwood and the Haiku structure….

We’re hanging out at the Revolutionary Lounge at the Tuesday night open mic.  Every week we meet here and read our poems….test them out to an audience who’s listening….kids looking to hear something new….Nicole Greenwood comes up to me and says,

“I have a poem”

“Ok” I say.

“It’s made out of Haiku,” she says.

I’d recently read Patricia Smith’s sonnet poem “Motown Crown”  That’s fifteen sonnets the last line always the start of the next sonnet and then the fifteenth sonnet uses all the previous first lines from every sonnet to make its own….so a poem made of haiku I liked the idea for….

Each Haiku’d stanza makes the poem sound kind like a list.  Read them aloud like you would any haiku and you naturally pause a little between lines and stanzas.  But the listed haiku don’t stand alone they create a slightly abstracted narrative and the setting of a carnival and dizziness one receives when hanging out in such a place contributes to that abstractness.  Young love is mentioned, the confusion adolescents feel and the church that wants apologies gets pushed aside towards the end of the poem when none of that stuff seems to matter during the birth of the child.  There is no indication if the parents are the same as the young love in the middle of the poem but Nicole doesn’t need to tell us that and moves us throughout the piece and through time and has us work a little to see the transitions.  I like working with poems and making sense of them on my own.

Check out Nicole’s poem on the Idiom Website and other pieces from this issue and let us know what you think….

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