Taking over Radio Shows, Literary Festivals, and new issues are out….


The Idiom Magazine and Piscataway House Publications was at the Frostburg Indie Lit Fesitval last weekend.  Above was our table with full PHP layout and below is the interactive cover of the new issue drawn by Jenny Mustaches…

Idiom Cover

The Interactive Idiom Cover at the 2013 Frostburg Indie Lit Festival

I (Mark Brunetti) also substitute hosted the Unknown Shown which is usually run by Bud Smith….It was a great time we had Josh Ballard, Ink, Keith Baird, Deborah LaVeglia, and Jenny and Daimon come on and talk about all the things they do….you can listen to it here

The New Issue of the Idiom is out and I will be publishing it on The Idiom Website some time tonight so keep an eye out for it….and over the next few weeks I will be blogging about some of the selections I have picked for this issue….Tommorrow night is my birthday so I will be celebrating at the Soundwaves show at the Asbury Park Yacht Club on the boardwalk…so come on out, get some idioms, and have discussions with me about the future….

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