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A facebook post I would have published had I still been making the idiom…

So that last post project didn’t really work well for me…..I don’t know if any project ever will again….

But heres a facebook post by Bud Smith that I would have published if I had a magazine to publish it in….

Dropbox says it’s almost full and I was just looking through it seeing what I could delete. There’s a folder I have called SCRAPS. In it is Poetry Scraps and Short Story Scraps.

Just wanted to give a shout to all the people making stuff.

The stuff you make doesn’t make itself.

And you don’t have to like what you make. You don’t have to let it be seen by anybody. It’s for you.

It’s for you until you get it published, or you publish it like a DIY punk touring weird America in a smelly white white van covered in beautiful graffiti.

Maybe then it’s no longer for you.

I’ll take it.

The Short Story Scraps folder has a file in it with 78,000 words worth of short stories that I don’t like.

I’m not gonna delete them. They’ll just sit in dropbox.

I’ll delete pictures of a cat sitting on the fire escape across the street. I’ll delete a jpg I made to send to somebody on their birthday. I’ll delete the video in here of somebody talking in their sleep while passed out on a couch at a party.

But the SCRAPS folders can stay.

The Poetry Scraps folder has poems that didn’t make it into the working draft of Everything Neon that I sent out to initial people who looked it over. That same folder has poems that were cut after I sent it to readers. Even more that got cut by the editor. Some of those scrap poems I tried to put in a different manuscript I’m sending around, called High July, but … there they are back in the folder.


It’s fine.



But also, keep fucking with the things you make. And don’t let it bother you that only 10% of what you make are things you like and want to share.

Had to write four novels before I liked one.

Writing or painting or singing or dancing or running from the cops takes practice.

I’m happy I have a folder with stuff that didn’t make it into the projects.

I want more and more folders like that.

I want you to have them too.

Dropbox: I just deleted ten photos of a glass of water that is half empty.

I hope you’re happy.

Why I Am Not An Artist….

Well First Off I’m usually late….for everything….like this blog post….or perhaps like this blog post I’ve left everything in my car…

but besides all that thinking about this title alludes to that Frank O’hara Poem which then reminds me of one of my very first ever cover poems that I did for a class over at Stockton College…

Why I Am Not A Musician

After the Frank O’hara poem “I am not a painter, I am a poet”

I am not a musician, I am a poet.
Why? I think I would rather be
a musician, but I am not. Well,
For instance, Mike Noordzy plays
Bass. I come by during practice
Sit and drink, make small talk
With the drummer during setup.
They begin to practice, continually
Trying to tune the bass and guitar.
“C’mon man get it right”
“You should have learned it by now”
“You’re to slow” “You’re to loud”
But me? I go home to a room
With a desk and poster of Kerouac
And no one to compare words with,
I think they sound good together
And my beat is alright alone. Days go by
And the band plays in a bar
The guitarist in tune with the bass
And the drummer slightly off.

So there’s that….

I began writing a little from the image sent…and writing a little is actually writing a lot compared to what I have been doing….but like I said it’s in my car…so from memory the few lines I did write:

Every animal has a brick wall under its skin

indestructible bleeding, even through floppy ears

The pictures mostly shaded grey but there is some color within it that may show itself when I expand this piece throughout the month….I’ve hung the picture up at my desk at work and will stare at it most of the day….

Ink’s video about his poem in the Current Issue…..

This Interactivity of The Idiom’s issues is going great!

This week we have a video by Andrew “Ink” Feindt for his untitled poem in the Current Issue.

You can get to it by the linked panel in the The Idiom Magazine section at the top of the page
or download the PDF file of the current issue and find Ink’s poem and the hyperlinks at the bottom which will bring you to his video.

Orrr….what the Hell, I’ll make it super easy and just put Ink’s link right here

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for a video of Keith Baird and his poem and some more to come before we start making the May Issue which will be released at Live Stock!

The New Interactive Idiom….

So The Idiom Magazine is beginning to take some steps towards its online ‘Interactiveness’….but what does that mean?

That means when you download the PDF of the Current Issue of The Idiom there will be links embedded in the issue that lead the reader to some extras about the pieces like:

  • videos or audio of the writers reading there work
  • videos or audio of the writers taking about their work and the process of them writing it or where it came from
  • links to websites that add to the experience when reading the poem
  • links to authors pages and more information about them
  • videos and audio from The Idiom Editors and what they think about the poems and why they accepted it

Right now we have video responses from Brennan Burnside and Claudia Mathos in the Current Issue so check that out and we’ll have some more additions next week!

New Idiom is up with one interactive aspect…

So the newest issue of The Idiom Magazine is up and available online!  Volume 9 Issue 3 can be downloaded from the site and within it is our first ever interactive link within the PDF file.  If you check out Brennan Burnside’s poems at the end of the issue you’ll find a link at the bottom which will bring you to a video of him reading his poems and talking about them.  Our interactive PDF’s hope to have a video or audio for every pieces submitted to the idiom by the time Volume 10 rolls around but here is a little start to it…

Book Release Party this Saturday!

We’ll have stickers featuring quotes from both of the authors, musical acts wondering between poets, great nachos at the coffee bar and more!  Come on out on Saturday and get a copy of our next duel book featuring Keith Baird and Andrew “Ink” Feindt… idioms are being made in the basement so if you have a piece for it bring it on by and maybe you’ll make it in….

The fliers below and here’s links to some of our past book release parties:

Bud Smith’s Book Release Party for Tollbooth

Josh Ballards Book Release Party for I Keep Going

The Idiom Anthology Book Release Party


The poster ad for Keith and Ink's Duel Book Release Party!

The poster ad for Keith and Ink’s Duel Book Release Party!

New Duel book coming out Saturday night….

Our next book release party is this saturday night!  The fliers below, but here is a link to a video of Josh Ballards Book Release Party don’t miss out this time around….


The poster ad for Keith and Ink's Duel Book Release Party!

The poster ad for Keith and Ink’s Duel Book Release Party!

Book Release Party Coming This Saturday!

This Saturday at Revolutionary Lounge and Cafe Piscataway House Publications is releasing its latest duel book “Death Loves a Drinking Game” by Andrew ‘Ink’ Feindt and “Before I Die I Want to Swim With Sharks” by Keith Baird.  We’re so excited to finally get this out to the world…..there’s gonna be good music and words by the poets and a haiku death match at the end!  Come on out, buy a book and support some scenes and perhaps your book release party will be next….

The poster ad for Keith and Ink's Duel Book Release Party!

The poster ad for Keith and Ink’s Duel Book Release Party!


In other news we’ll be making the February Issue of The Idiom soon and updating our site to make it more tablet savoy….

New Year, New Book, New Idiom, New Look….

2013 was great for The Idiom Magazine and Piscataway House Publications….we handed out mags at festivals….one of our publishers received their MFA and another publisher worked endlessly at their manuscript….We published our first novel, Tollbooth, and it won the best book of 2013 by the people at Drunk Monkeys!

Our latest issue of The Idiom Magazine has been revamped and all prettied up after we upgraded our printing system…we now have a hard card stock cover and color insides!

Our website is going to have a new look in a few weeks and we plan on changing our submissions guidelines so our online issue is a lil more interactive with the internets…check out the site now though for some of our upcoming events going on….

Speaking of upcoming events!  January 18th the release of our next duel book with Idiom Publisher, Keith Baird and editor for some PHP projects, Andrew “Ink” Feindt….it’s gonna be a great show hosted by Chris Rockwell and musician guests Jimmy James from Little Big Toe and Sarah Donner!  There will be coffee drunk from the Revolutionary Lounge Bar with great food as always and throughout the night poems from the poets and a Haiku Death Match to the DEATH!  It’s free to get in and books will be for sale for $8 and if ya have a book idea perhaps bring it by and maybe you can be having the next book release party!

Over the next two weeks I will be posting my favorite poems from the book and some selections from the current issue of The Idiom so keep an eye out for these posts…..and don’t forget to send us some pieces for possible publication…..

I’ll start with the poems in the current issue from Keith Baird and Ink….

Keith Baird’s poems use simple images to talk about the big picture….how can velcro, rocks we stand on, or the colors we look at really explain anything….Keith shows us that they do more work for us then we could ever imagine…


with all these
vibrant colors before us
it’s easy to forget
that we’re only
staring at the


We’re cutting our hands and feet
On sand and rock,
But give it enough heat
And we’ll be sliding on smooth glass.


Like velcro, quietly fitting together,
Tiny hairs and tendrils attaching
Softly to each other,
And making such a racket when

I love when poets use math in poems….and Ink’s poem includes math and some microeconomics to express the logical mindset that any independent artist would like to express…

Poetry Appraisal

By the transitive property
and creative accounting,
each book of poetry should be valued
in the thousands of dollars.

The proof:
If 1 picture = 1,000 words
and 1 poem = 1 picture,
keeping in mind that even mediocre art
sells for around $300
and that there are generally 50 poems
hanging between front and back cover frames,
then 50 x $300 = $1,500.

But poets are kind.
They know there is more to life than money,
that their art requires time to appreciate
and is not inherently decorative.
So their union issues deep discounts –
coupon code: time=money,
bringing books down to a paltry $5 to $15.

And yet you still debate the purchase.

Tollbooth named the “best book of 2013” by the people at Drunk Monkeys!

So we’re wrapping up this year and we have a whole slew of goals for the new year…..For 2014 we plan to begin releasing our Interactive Ebooks to the world, continue some of our books projects that have been dangling in our minds namely the jail letters and anthologies, continue our Duel book series and perhaps delving into other genders, and continue to improve on the professionalism of The Idiom Magazine….our latest issue began that endeavor by having color insides and a hard cover!

In January we plan on having our next book release namely the duel book of Keith Baird and Andrew Ink Feindt….here’s all the information for that coming up.…come on out, meet the editors and perhaps propose your book idea…

and Finally but certainly not least we had a nice surprise this New Years Day when Bud Smith’s book Tollbooth was voted as the Best Book of 2013 by the people at Drunk Monkeys!  Read their review here and check out their site and for 2014 send your stuff everywhere!