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The Idiom Podcast #8 with Chris McIntyre Part 2

idiompodcastlogoWe have a new podcast up
which is actually a continuation from an old podcast A few months
back we interviewed Chris McIntyre And now
here is our continuation with Idiom Podcast #8
  Also check out The Idiom
for updated information on our events and book
release Party for Tollbooth

Some Rick Park poems from the last issue….

Rick Park Cover

Cover of Volume 8 Issue 4 by Rick Park


Rick Park who did our current cover has also had his poetry published in some of our previous issues and even gave us some haikus to use for our Diner Haiku section.  Here’s a poem of his from the last issue:


I know a couple of
gals named Susie.
If one of them won’t believe I
wrote this poem for her,
then maybe the other one will.
Susie, I’ve been true to you.
I set my gold watch, unwound,
to the moment you walked out on me,
atop the mantle,
never pass it without a sigh.


In other Idiom news we talked with Idiom poet and musician, Mike Noordzy last night for our podcast….we discussed his different types of poems, his influences, and he told us some stories about guys peeing on hotel lobbys and other on tour stories……then it all got erased…..I saved the file in a dropbox folder and apparently that erases all audio files that are to big for it to hold……sometimes we really suck at doing things but we have a new plan to fix the situation especially after we tried to drunkenly recreate the interview which hardly worked……I suck

Idiom Podcast with Ron Kolm and Chekhov….

Ron Kolm's chapbook Divine Comedy

Ron Kolm’s chapbook Divine Comedy

Just a reminder to check out our recent podcast with Ron Kolm about the poem “Divine Comedy” the same title as his new chapbook….


It’s a sunny Sunday so listen to it on the way to the Jersey Shore or whereever else yer hanging today and don’t forget your book of short stories by Chekhov our Flashback Friday feature….

Chekhov reading the idiom

Chekhov reading the idiom on a blustery day….

An excerpt from “Ward No. 6” by Anton….

“There is no real difference between a warm, snug study and this ward,” said Andrey Yefimitch. “A man’s peace and contentment do not lie outside a man, but in himself.”

“What do you mean?”

“The ordinary man looks for good and evil in external things — that is, in carriages, in studies — but a thinking man looks for it in himself.”

“You should go and preach that philosophy in Greece, where it’s warm and fragrant with the scent of pomegranates, but here it is not suited to the climate. With whom was it I was talking of Diogenes? Was it with you?”

“Yes, with me yesterday.”

“Diogenes did not need a study or a warm habitation; it’s hot there without. You can lie in your tub and eat oranges and olives. But bring him to Russia to live: he’d be begging to be let indoors in May, let alone December. He’d be doubled up with the cold.”

“No. One can be insensible to cold as to every other pain. Marcus Aurelius says: ‘A pain is a vivid idea of pain; make an effort of will to change that idea, dismiss it, cease to complain, and the pain will disappear.’ That is true. The wise man, or simply the reflecting, thoughtful man, is distinguished precisely by his contempt for suffering; he is always contented and surprised at nothing.”

“Then I am an idiot, since I suffer and am discontented and surprised at the baseness of mankind.”

“You are wrong in that; if you will reflect more on the subject you will understand how insignificant is all that external world that agitates us. One must strive for the comprehension of life, and in that is true happiness.”



Idiom Podcast #7 with Ron Kolm Part 2

Ron Kolm's chapbook Divine Comedy

Ron Kolm’s chapbook Divine Comedy









Ron Kolm Podcast #2 Divine Comedy

We have Ron Kolm back again…well not back again but the second half of our first interview with him. 

We are releasing this now because he is coming out with a chapbook entitled Divine Comedy which is the three part poem we talk about in this interview.

the book launch will be at Gathering of the Tribes (Fly By Night Press is a tribes imprint):  285 E. 3rd Street New York, on Saturday, May 18th, at seven in the evening.

Thad Rutkowski, Chavisa Woods, Carl Watson, Bonny Finberg, George Spencer, Tsaurah Litzky, Rob Hardin and Steve Dalachinsky will be reading poems from the book. As always, Jim Feast will be the MC.  There will be copies of the book for sale; it should also be in St. Mark’s Books by then — eventually autonomedia will put it up on amazon —

Ron Kolm podcast #2

This weekend we will be posting the second half of our interview with Ron Kolm from the Poetry group the Unbearables. We interviewed him back in November and split up our conversation about his poems.

Ron is releasing his book Divine Comedy and in our podcast we talk about some of the poems available in the chapbook.

Here is a link to the first half of the interview:

Ron Kolm Idiom Podcast #1

The Idiom Podcast #6 with Bud Smith about The Literary Underground

The Idiom Podcast #6 with Bud Smith and The Literary Underground

It’s April National Poetry Month and this month’s podcast focuses on The Literary Underground that provides a place for poets to go and read others work, hear podcasts about writing, and find online and print zines to submit their work.

In this podcast we talk to Bud Smith who runs the podcast The Unknown Show off of the site on Tuesday nights.  Check out the site and everything that it has to give…

Lots of things going on with The Idiom this week…..

First check out our recent podcast that we recorded at AWP….in one of our previous blog posts we linked to all the mags and poets we mention so check that out…

Podcast #5 at AWP
In this post we’ll have Mark Brunetti’s poem from the current issue and a plug to a nice lil online magazine he was also published in this week. You can see Mark read this week on Thursday night up in Montclair and then on Friday in Red Bank…if yer in the area come on out (see our main site theidiommag for more details:

Here’s his piece from the Current Issue

The Things We Talk About…

You may agree with
my professor’s ex-wife
that crows always travel
in threes. We may
never agree on what
happiness is or where it
comes from. No matter how
much we talk, I’ll never know
what it feels like to be
inside of you. I’ll never
mention it again unless
you ask. No point arguing
about such things…

Mark Brunetti’s poem “My Redemption” was also published in the online magazine Citizens For Decent Literature, check it out…

The Idiom Podcast at AWP!

Idiom Podcast #5 at AWP

“If they’re doing something aesthetically with the cover, they must be doing something aesthetically with the work”  a quote from Bobby Fischer as we discuss how to choose what to buy at AWP….

I recorded this podcast at AWP a writer’s convention up in Boston.  With me are three guys who have graduated from the MFA creative writing program at William Paterson University.  Their names are linked to their twitter  or facebook accounts,

Tim O’Donnell   Bobby Fischer    and Charlie Ricardelli

We talked about some of the people we met and magazines or books we bought and enjoyed and I tried to find links to all of their sites listed below….the podcast does cut short at the end while reading A Ring of Muscle because I tried shaking my ipad as it was saving for some reason….

Prime Magazine    -the interactive online magazine that works really well on your tablets

the Bill Murray T-shirt that Charlie wore (couldn’t find the exact one but hers a bunch)

Don Dellillo

Matthew Dickman

Tin House Magazine   Matthew Dickman is the poetry editor

Amber Sparks 

Balloon Pop Outlaw Black     I looked up the author….she is really cute

Toad Suck Reivew

Unstuck Magazine

Intentional Walk Review   the online magazine of sports writing that advertised on stress baseballs

Bull Magazine  a magazine of men’s fiction

Hobart Press     the press that gave us whisky

Hoot Review a magazine that sends you lil postcards

Punk Hostage Press    the press that imitates book covers for their books

Openletter press     the press that has great translations

Calamari Press

Idiot’s Books   I also found this press that I didn’t mention on the podcast but I bought their book for my girlfriend and now she reallllllly likes me

40 on Berkely   the hostile I stayed at

Idiom Podcast #4 with Chris McIntyre

Erin Baird, Mark Brunetti, Keith Baird, and Chris Mcintyre gather around for his podcast...

Erin Baird, Mark Brunetti, Keith Baird, and Chris Mcintyre gather around for his podcast…

We interviewed Chris Mcintyre for the fourth Idiom Podcast.

We kind of themed it nostalgia as a lot of the poems seem to look back on the past. The creation of Walking English is discussed, Chris’s use of parodying other writers he admires in his writing, his connection of rhythm in his poems to his musical background, and historical connections to the present.


Interview w/ an upcoming novelist and our podcasts

Here’s a link to an interview from the author Bud Smith and his upcoming book Tollbooth published by Pisataway House Publications!

Very excited to be working with him on this project and he’ll be on an idiom podcast soon, till then check out our latest podcast interview with Chris McIntyre at the idiom website