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A facebook post I would have published had I still been making the idiom…

So that last post project didn’t really work well for me…..I don’t know if any project ever will again….

But heres a facebook post by Bud Smith that I would have published if I had a magazine to publish it in….

Dropbox says it’s almost full and I was just looking through it seeing what I could delete. There’s a folder I have called SCRAPS. In it is Poetry Scraps and Short Story Scraps.

Just wanted to give a shout to all the people making stuff.

The stuff you make doesn’t make itself.

And you don’t have to like what you make. You don’t have to let it be seen by anybody. It’s for you.

It’s for you until you get it published, or you publish it like a DIY punk touring weird America in a smelly white white van covered in beautiful graffiti.

Maybe then it’s no longer for you.

I’ll take it.

The Short Story Scraps folder has a file in it with 78,000 words worth of short stories that I don’t like.

I’m not gonna delete them. They’ll just sit in dropbox.

I’ll delete pictures of a cat sitting on the fire escape across the street. I’ll delete a jpg I made to send to somebody on their birthday. I’ll delete the video in here of somebody talking in their sleep while passed out on a couch at a party.

But the SCRAPS folders can stay.

The Poetry Scraps folder has poems that didn’t make it into the working draft of Everything Neon that I sent out to initial people who looked it over. That same folder has poems that were cut after I sent it to readers. Even more that got cut by the editor. Some of those scrap poems I tried to put in a different manuscript I’m sending around, called High July, but … there they are back in the folder.


It’s fine.



But also, keep fucking with the things you make. And don’t let it bother you that only 10% of what you make are things you like and want to share.

Had to write four novels before I liked one.

Writing or painting or singing or dancing or running from the cops takes practice.

I’m happy I have a folder with stuff that didn’t make it into the projects.

I want more and more folders like that.

I want you to have them too.

Dropbox: I just deleted ten photos of a glass of water that is half empty.

I hope you’re happy.

Why I Am Not An Artist….

Well First Off I’m usually late….for everything….like this blog post….or perhaps like this blog post I’ve left everything in my car…

but besides all that thinking about this title alludes to that Frank O’hara Poem which then reminds me of one of my very first ever cover poems that I did for a class over at Stockton College…

Why I Am Not A Musician

After the Frank O’hara poem “I am not a painter, I am a poet”

I am not a musician, I am a poet.
Why? I think I would rather be
a musician, but I am not. Well,
For instance, Mike Noordzy plays
Bass. I come by during practice
Sit and drink, make small talk
With the drummer during setup.
They begin to practice, continually
Trying to tune the bass and guitar.
“C’mon man get it right”
“You should have learned it by now”
“You’re to slow” “You’re to loud”
But me? I go home to a room
With a desk and poster of Kerouac
And no one to compare words with,
I think they sound good together
And my beat is alright alone. Days go by
And the band plays in a bar
The guitarist in tune with the bass
And the drummer slightly off.

So there’s that….

I began writing a little from the image sent…and writing a little is actually writing a lot compared to what I have been doing….but like I said it’s in my car…so from memory the few lines I did write:

Every animal has a brick wall under its skin

indestructible bleeding, even through floppy ears

The pictures mostly shaded grey but there is some color within it that may show itself when I expand this piece throughout the month….I’ve hung the picture up at my desk at work and will stare at it most of the day….

Taking over Radio Shows, Literary Festivals, and new issues are out….


The Idiom Magazine and Piscataway House Publications was at the Frostburg Indie Lit Fesitval last weekend.  Above was our table with full PHP layout and below is the interactive cover of the new issue drawn by Jenny Mustaches…

Idiom Cover

The Interactive Idiom Cover at the 2013 Frostburg Indie Lit Festival

I (Mark Brunetti) also substitute hosted the Unknown Shown which is usually run by Bud Smith….It was a great time we had Josh Ballard, Ink, Keith Baird, Deborah LaVeglia, and Jenny and Daimon come on and talk about all the things they do….you can listen to it here

The New Issue of the Idiom is out and I will be publishing it on The Idiom Website some time tonight so keep an eye out for it….and over the next few weeks I will be blogging about some of the selections I have picked for this issue….Tommorrow night is my birthday so I will be celebrating at the Soundwaves show at the Asbury Park Yacht Club on the boardwalk…so come on out, get some idioms, and have discussions with me about the future….

First Time: An Anthology About Lost Virginity

A new anthology is out with a poem from idiom editor, Mark Brunetti. The anthology is First Time and its a collection of stories essays and poems about people losing their virginity…


The anthology is edited by writer Bud Smith so there’s no limits to what people have written about…I ordered mine today and can’t wait to get it. Here’s the back cover and lost of contributors:


Ryan Swofford’s poem in the current issue

Although we began handing out the nextissue of The Idiom at the New York Poetry Festival, I’m gonna finish up this week on the blog with some poems from the last issue…
I relate to Ryan’s poem, <em>Expectations</em> in <a href=””>the current issue</a> because I myself am a student…and sometimes as a student I felt like I was faking it or playing the role and “had to/ get one B/ I had to because I didn’t want to/ seem like I was trying to hard”
His first stanza really sets the scene with great line breaks for the narrator and all too…
“An honor student
would never get so much shit
as me, so long as he
kept his grades up
combed his hair
tucked in his shirt, and firmly!
shook hands with his boss
or his teacher, handing him
an award
(oh, would you look at that?
four-point-oh, what a beauty!)”

In remembrance of Rod

Unfortunately, the Idiom is in the middle of moving and we don’t have a new Flashback Friday for you….here are our past ones so you can catch up!

Also it has been 38 years since the death of Rod Serling a personal hero and influence on the idiom…new years wouldn’t be the same without the twilight zone marathon….here is a past idiom cover that has different characters of the show drawn by idiom poet, Nicole Greenwood:


Events and things coming up….

I’ll get back to talking about some of the recent pieces in the Idiom next week….for now I’ll just post a lil piece about upcoming local poetry events in the Jersey area….if you have anything coming up definitely post it in the comments with a link as to where people can find info on it!


Idiom Poet, Mark Brunetti, was also recently published in the 2nd issue of Kleftjaw magazine Summer 2013…..their submission period is open for issue 3 so send them some words for consideration….


Also coming soon is going to be information regarding a local poety, music, and art contest that Idiom poet Mark Brunetti will be a judge for…..

I apologize if yer not local and none of these events are relateable to you…..we’ll be back with our flashback Fridays in a few days and everything will return to normal…..relax….