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It’s A Wonderful Flashback Friday with The Idiom!

On December 20th in 1946 the film It’s A Wonderful Life first appeared in theaters in New York City.  Here is a still from one of the earlier takes when George Bailey is looking through the book that Clarence was reading…. it was actually supposed to be a current issue of The Idiom Magazine.

It's A Wonderful Idiom Life

It’s A Wonderful Idiom Life

Do you know what book they actually replaced the idiom with in the movie?  Comment below and I’ll pick a random winner to receive our Idiom special prize holiday package….

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In remembrance of Rod

Unfortunately, the Idiom is in the middle of moving and we don’t have a new Flashback Friday for you….here are our past ones so you can catch up!

Also it has been 38 years since the death of Rod Serling a personal hero and influence on the idiom…new years wouldn’t be the same without the twilight zone marathon….here is a past idiom cover that has different characters of the show drawn by idiom poet, Nicole Greenwood:


Flashback Friday with Isabella <3 <3 <3

This Flashback Friday celebrates one of the Idiom’s favorite movies and actresses….this week it was Isabella Rossellini’s birthday on June 18th….if you haven’t, check out her videos about animal motherhood….do that now

painful idiom reading

Isabella in Blue Velvet as her and Jeffrey read painful poems to each other from the idiom…

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Flashback Friday and Prince’s Birthday!

It’s Flashback Friday…..so much cooler then Throwback Thursdays or We’re Looking Back in Time Wednesdays…..and today is also Prince’s Birthday…..the guy who brought us the Bat Dance and inspiration for instant dance moves on the floor. Here he is back in some day with an issue of the idiom….

Prince with The Idiom

Prince with The Idiom

Sorry Walt…

Sorry Walt, we forgot your birthday yesterday and celebrated Chekhov and his reading of the Idiom for Flashback Friday….

Well we dug deep into our archives and found yer picture too as you traveled future New Jersey highways and the shores of Long Branch where you probably picked up a copy of The Idiom at the Brighton Bar…it won’t happen again….

Whitman and Idiom

Walt Whitman with a copy of the Idiom

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Flashback Friday with Anthon Chekhov

Chekhov reading the idiom

Chekhov reading the idiom on a blustery day….

Our Flashback Friday goes back a lil to those late 1800’s to the mother country Russia with short story and play writer, Anton Chekhov.

Known for his early use of the type of writing which eventually became known as ‘stream of consciousness’ Chekhov was obviously influenced by the poetry and writings from the first anthology of The Idiom magazine.

Flashback Friday!! Einstein reads The Idiom

Flashback Friday Einstein Reading the Idiom

Here is a picture of Quantum Physics Master Einstein reading The Idiom

It’s Flashback Friday everybody!  Here’s a picture going way back of Einstein reading The Idiom Magazine!  Have a good weekend….