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It’s A Wonderful Flashback Friday with The Idiom!

On December 20th in 1946 the film It’s A Wonderful Life first appeared in theaters in New York City.  Here is a still from one of the earlier takes when George Bailey is looking through the book that Clarence was reading…. it was actually supposed to be a current issue of The Idiom Magazine.

It's A Wonderful Idiom Life

It’s A Wonderful Idiom Life

Do you know what book they actually replaced the idiom with in the movie?  Comment below and I’ll pick a random winner to receive our Idiom special prize holiday package….

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How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

Poets and Writers,

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

Here is a lil video I made showing “How I Publish The Idiom Magazine”

Check out our other video on our Youtube site to see us reading words, playing music, and other fun stuff….stay tuned for future videos on The Idioms behind The Idiom

‘The Indie Author Guide’ Recommendation….

The Indie Author Guide by April L. Hamilton

As the storm hit in New Jersey and our power went out I was able to catch up on some of the books that littered my floor….after 8 years of publishing The Idiom out of my basement and using a Print-On-Demand (POD) service to publish my books I decided to read a book about all the work I’ve been doing.
‘The Indie Author Guide: Self-publishing strategies anyone can use” answers a lot of the questions I had when I first began creating Piscataway House Publications.

  • How to use a Word Processor to create your books?
  • What services are out there and what are the positive and negative traits of each path?
  • How to advertise myself and distribute my name 0n my own
  • The different parts of a book and why they are important (ISBN numbers, bar codes, price tags…etc)
  • E-book publishing
  • Designing your book cover
  • and a final chapter titled: Making the Transition from Indie to Mainstream

April L. Hamilton goes into great detail and step by step process in formatting your books through Microsoft Word and is very knowledgeable about the independent publishing scene.

She not only knows a lot about the production of the business but is also in tune with the differences between the main stream publishing industry and the underground.  She is aware that many traditional aspects of printing books are starting to become outdated and it is up to the independent publisher to rise up and become more creative and inventive in their ideas in writing and publishing their books.  April introduces her book by saying,

“The indie author must fervently believe in the indie movement, because she may face episodes of prejudice, ignorance, and possible even mockery from those in the mainstream who cling to the publishing model of yesteryear…..an indie author doesn’t need the establishment’s approval, or anyone else’s.  He/She will market their books directly to the reading public, and history has shown that the public is a pragmatic and open-minded lot.”

Have you read this book or can you recommend a book similar to this one?  Let us know in  the comments section….