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New Duel book coming out Saturday night….

Our next book release party is this saturday night!  The fliers below, but here is a link to a video of Josh Ballards Book Release Party don’t miss out this time around….


The poster ad for Keith and Ink's Duel Book Release Party!

The poster ad for Keith and Ink’s Duel Book Release Party!

Volume 8 issue 2 of The Idiom

Vol 8 Issue 2 Cover by Josh "Dogmatic" Matson

Vol 8 Issue 2 Cover by Josh “Dogmatic” Matson

So Volume 8 Issue 2 came out in December and this is the beautiful cover made by Dogmatic…click on it to get to the site where you can browse through the whole issue…..scroll through the pages to see my top 5 pieces from it and the reasons why we chose it for publication….Feburary’s coming soon so send your work in and we’ll consider it for the issue!

Haiku poets at the next book release party….


Earlier this  year Piscataway House  Publications came out with “5, 7, then 5 / we must tell a whole story / in just three short lines”, a book of Haiku from 6 central jersey poets.

After their book release party, they did several readings around the state expanding on the traditional Japanese form, creating the fuck-u’s, and competing with themselves in death matches to see who was the most insulting.  Here is a video of them at the Red Bank River Read Series

You can see the Haiku poets on December 30th at Josh Ballard’s book release party for his collection of poems and words “I Keep Going”  at Toast in Asbury Park on Cookman Avenue 6-10 PM….