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Our father’s stories

For our final weekend of the last issue of the Idiom we’ll be showing off three more poets from the issue.

Kevin Ridgeway came to us from Bud Smith, a poet and prose writer whose novel Tollbooth we will be releasing at the end of the month.

Kevin’s poem Poem for my Dad encompasses everything we like in a piece: getting high, social debauchery, and a Raymond Carver type ending that leaves the reader wondering what happens and a focus on the buildup of the situation.

I like how we are always distracted from the most prominent scene that this father has stolen a Cadillac first by making it a story as told through the sons or narrators eyes and then the fathers own story of seeing a naked man on a pole…the outer story and the inner story surround that center story and make the third forth and fifth readings shine and is probably characteristic of how the father actually tells this story told many times over beers in a bar to strangers, old friends, and everyone else looking to listen…

Poem for my Dad

do you remember that time you told me you were high and pulling out of your partner’s garage
in your stolen Cadillac
and you saw that naked man climbing the utility pole, high on angel dust screaming
gibberish to god
as you blasted
Harold Melvin
and the Blue Notes
and parted your perm
with your comb
and shook your head, heading off into
the dawn sunlight?