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It’s A Wonderful Flashback Friday with The Idiom!

On December 20th in 1946 the film It’s A Wonderful Life first appeared in theaters in New York City.  Here is a still from one of the earlier takes when George Bailey is looking through the book that Clarence was reading…. it was actually supposed to be a current issue of The Idiom Magazine.

It's A Wonderful Idiom Life

It’s A Wonderful Idiom Life

Do you know what book they actually replaced the idiom with in the movie?  Comment below and I’ll pick a random winner to receive our Idiom special prize holiday package….

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Aleathia reading her poem Inherent Topography….

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the Dodge Poets and poetry event’s I attend it’s that sometimes you can get more from a poem without reading it and hearing it be read out loud to you….

So I won’t be posting the poem in this draft (of course you can always find it in the current issue)

but here is the link to an audio file of Aleathia reading her piece


  • We liked the lines about “the heart that can’t control its destination of its beats” and the “sleeping back rise and fall like overthrown countries in turmoil”. There’s a certain flow to this poem that exists when she reads it out loud and if you are looking at the piece you see how that works with her stanzas and line breaks. All the stanzas are 4 lines each except for the first one which has an additional line which draws focus to the title of the piece within the poem.
  • The shorter lines at the end help create a conclusion for the poem and gives an additional sense of isolation from the short 2 word lines unlike the rest of the piece which is more concrete and descriptive. Even the last three images we are given, the pen stopping, the books toppling, the trucks racing prepare us for the lonely ending.
  • The contradiction of asking an uncle in prison for a soft hand is unpredictable, but fitting for the next line talking about “misguided morality”.


and don’t forget tomorrow is Flashback Friday where we will be celebrating Flag Day and Maurice Sendak’s Birthday with an original picture from Where the Wild Things Are that featured an Idiom flag….

The idiom website….

There’s so much going on with The Idiom Website and blog, I thought I’d use this post to let you know about it all:

New Issue of This Broken Shore

Broken Shore Cover

Broken Shore Summer 2012

The newest issue of This Broken Shore is out with some great writing in it….

  • an essay by editor of This Broken Shore, Daniel Weeks, about his Musings on Middle School…
  • Poetry by Michael Waters, Gregg Glory, Matthew V. Spano, Daniel Weeks, Emmanuel di Pasquale, and more….
  • A short story by writer, Carrie P. Hudak
  • and even a poem by Robert Pinsky, a long branch native and friend of the editors….
  • Also in the issue is a piece from the editors of The Idiom, Mark Brunetti

“Walking in a Field with my Friend Evan” by Mark Brunetti

I was walking in a field in my backyard
with my friend Evan
and if there’s anything he knows, it’s
alot about birds.
And he explains only the interesting
things about the birds
like the mourning dove and how
the sound it makes
is actually coming from its wings,
not its throat.
or the Grackle whom can make
two different sounds
at the same time,
who gets all excited before singing
puffing out its wings
and breast spazing uncontrollably.
We talked of Wallace Stevens
his 13 ways to describe
a blackbird.
And than we finally decided
that every bird has a poem to it
especially the robin
who jumps around
making it sound
like rain
tricking worms
to the surface only to face
their inevitable fate
being pulled from the ground
that keeps them alive.

I’m not sure how one finds an issue of This Broken Shore, but I’m sure if you try hard enough you can get one somewhere, submit your own work, and perhaps appear in the next issue…..