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Voice and Imagery

Matthew J. Hall’s poems in the current issue are an example of
what we here at the Idiom appreciate and enjoy in a writer’s voice and the described images in a poem.

I think what makes me
like the voice in his first poem, even my
daydreams are damned
comes in the first introductory
line. The whole poem is about a couples downfall on a night
out and eventually in the poem we see the pronouns “we” “you” and
“I” but he holds up on bringing the people into the piece and goes
right into the action.

“took a piece of pink chalk
and sketched us on a paving slab”

It throws the
reader right into the scene and kinda distances us from either of
the people in the relationship and when the breakup comes its
impossible to really pick any side.

His next poem in the issue,
commuting through the town, the city, the village
becomes a list poem but what makes a good list poem
is by presenting it in a way without the reader knowing its a list. Hall goes from chocolate to crack heads to nuns and suicides on
train lines that the poem becomes a story about this place and
everything in it….