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Tollbooth book release party tonight!

Tonight is the book release party for Bud Smith’s novel, Tollbooth published by Piscataway House Publications.

Go to Revolutionary Lounge in Toms River from 7-9 to hear Bud Smith read excerpts from his book and performances by Mark Brunetti, Love Hustle, Chris Rockwell, and Nathan Dickinson….

The book will sell at a release party discount of $8! Come on out, meet the author and publishers and be a part of that ever growing jersey literary scene…

Bud Smith interview

Here is a past interview with author Bud Smith

His new book Tollbooth is out now and here’s the blog post announcing it!

A book release party is taking place in New York on August 26 and in toms river New Jersey on September 6th! Details on the idioms Facebook page

Tollbooth books are in!


Tollbooth books are in and we gearing up for the book release party!

Revolutionary Lounge in Toms River
September 7th 7:00
Tollbooth $8 per book!
Performance by Nathanial Dickinson, Mark Brunetti, Chris Rockwell, Love Hustle, and Bud Smith

Tollbooth is coming!

20130807-222513.jpg September 7th at Revolutionary Lounge in Toms River
7:00 PHP releases its first novel by Bud Smith…

Jimmy Saare collects tolls on the highway, but
he’s had a mental snap and is becoming uncontrollably fixated with
the 19 year old Gena who leans seductively on the copy machine at
Officetown. Despite his wife Sarah’s impending pregnancy, Jimmy
pursues his desire for Gena, unexpectedly becoming more entangled
with the strange manipulations of an anarchistic teenager, Kid with
Clownhead, who wants to start his own destructive cult when he
grows up. Tollbooth is a dark literary adventure chronicling one
man’s escape from drudgery into the wilds beyond the New Jersey
Parkway where beauty and horror blur.