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Einstein quote he may have stolen from an Early Issue of The Idiom

Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Inside reports are showing that he may have stolen it from an early issue of The Idiom Magazine. Below is an early poem of The Idiom’s from its second anthology by Stephen McNamara:


always define insanity as

repeating the same action and
expecting different results

they always define
it like that
every time

always to people
they are hoping to fix

and these people
never get fixed

any of the times

Of course we have no proof of any of these allegations….

Flashback Friday Einstein Reading the Idiom

Here is a picture of Quantum Physics Master Einstein reading The Idiom

Stay tuned for this Flashback Friday to see where else the idiom has shown up….

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the myth of the starving artist….

So during the end of the recent Idiom Podcast we discussed the myth of the starving artist and how practical it is for someone to create things under the poorest of conditions….while discussing this with other writers and friends the notion of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs came up…


He says that a person can’t move from one level of the pyramid to the next till their basic needs are met and fulfilled, and at the top is where all creative inspiration and notions take place…Now of course this doesn’t happen all of the time and it is a broad generalization…but the idea of a starving artist rising from nothing and becoming successful is a similar rare occurrence from someone deviating from Maslow’s ideas….usually the starving artist stories are very exaggerated….

I know that may have not been the main point of Josh’s essay….and I also know that we just argued a point made in a book that we just published…but it’s the end of the world and time for a new way of looking at things, maybe demythifying this belief can be the right direction towards a better artistic tomorrow….

Here’s the podcast

The Idiom Podcast #3 with Josh Ballard

Here’s our third Idiom podcast with local Jersey poet, Josh Ballard…..His book “I Keep Going” is going to be released by Piscataway House Publications on December 30 (more info on the main idiom site or in the podcast)

Sometimes I consider myself an awkward person when talking to people….I accent the wrong words I trip up over things and when I talk I throw in random vague pronouns that don’t really explain what I have to say or what I intend them to mean….you would think that I would be better with words….at one point during this podcast I’m talking about the act of communion from a priest and I clearly say, “you know when the priest puts his thing in your mouth”  Out of context it sounds horrible….in context it doesn’t sound any better….

Why I’m doing a podcast I’m not sure and I hope to improve on it with every interview and prepare myself better so that I can better explain how I feel about a piece….

Well here it is check it out and if you are interested in having your work reviewed, send over some poems and we’ll consider them for a future podcast…


Mark Brunetti

The Idiom Podcast with Josh Ballard