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The Idiom Podcast #8 with Chris McIntyre Part 2

idiompodcastlogoWe have a new podcast up
which is actually a continuation from an old podcast A few months
back we interviewed Chris McIntyre And now
here is our continuation with Idiom Podcast #8
  Also check out The Idiom
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Flashback Friday and Prince’s Birthday!

It’s Flashback Friday…..so much cooler then Throwback Thursdays or We’re Looking Back in Time Wednesdays…..and today is also Prince’s Birthday…..the guy who brought us the Bat Dance and inspiration for instant dance moves on the floor. Here he is back in some day with an issue of the idiom….

Prince with The Idiom

Prince with The Idiom

The Idiom Podcast #6 with Bud Smith about The Literary Underground

The Idiom Podcast #6 with Bud Smith and The Literary Underground

It’s April National Poetry Month and this month’s podcast focuses on The Literary Underground that provides a place for poets to go and read others work, hear podcasts about writing, and find online and print zines to submit their work.

In this podcast we talk to Bud Smith who runs the podcast The Unknown Show off of the site on Tuesday nights.  Check out the site and everything that it has to give…

Frankie Metro and his continual search for a good movie

Frankie Metro was recommended from our good friend Bud Smith another writer from this issue…I like that he goes to watch movies on election day instead of voting.  Doing anything instead of politics is a reoccurring theme in the idiom…

Find rest of the current issue here

While Searching for a Movie on Election Day

On election day,
he wonders
why this pirated
Satanic double feature
refuses to stream,

why can’t he make it
further than 5 minutes
into 1982,
& why “Satan’s Baby Doll” won’t play,

why “The Chelsea Girls”
don’t exist anymore,
why “The Last Bomb”
of 1945
now comes in the deluxe edition,

why “The Devil’s Mass” of 1975
wears a blue face
on the new avatar,
why cold hearts have bright eyes,
why some people’s votes
were mailed in before
they made it to the polls,

why “With A Girl of Black Soil”
“Fat Kids Rule The World”,

& why “Hellborn”
is just
above “The Mechanical Man”
on a list
of non-alphabetic

Ink translates from the French for us….

Ink is a regular to The Idiom Magazine…I didn’t know he spoke French….the repetition in the piece contributes to the flow and the slant rhymes make it sound not so sing-songy to strengthen the lines…..stay tuned to the idiom and piscataway house publications as we continue to work on a duel collection of Ink’s work with another idiom poet coming out soon!

Find the rest of the current issue here


This poem is called We,
as in us,
not the French oui,
which means yes.

That door is called gone,
as in go,
the walkway outside, forever,
which means no…
I don’t really intend to stay friends
or call.

In fact, the next time you reach out,
as in ring,
another woman will answer,
which also means no.

Her digital voice
will inform you that number’s been
as in us,
which now means we,
exactly like the French yes,
like echoes
searching for ears
from heels
stomping away
from a closed door
with no-one behind it.
Not no-one like God,
no-one like me.

Videos from the Dogmatic Art Show

Dogmatic has his art work displayed at The Sandbar in New Hope, PA….He had an opening reception with all his friends and we read and drank and sang…here are two videos posted to theidiommag youtube page

Dogmatic with Moon Motel


Dogmatic and some clips of his friends reading


Volume 8 issue 2 of The Idiom

Vol 8 Issue 2 Cover by Josh "Dogmatic" Matson

Vol 8 Issue 2 Cover by Josh “Dogmatic” Matson

So Volume 8 Issue 2 came out in December and this is the beautiful cover made by Dogmatic…click on it to get to the site where you can browse through the whole issue…..scroll through the pages to see my top 5 pieces from it and the reasons why we chose it for publication….Feburary’s coming soon so send your work in and we’ll consider it for the issue!

The Idiom Magazine’s Pushcart Prize Nominations

Every year the Pushcart Prize accepts nominations from small presses and publications to be anthologized in their annual publication.

This year The Idiom Magazine has chosen:

  • Mark Brunetti “The Museum of the Past
  • Mike Noordzy “Work” or “With Lying Anything is Possible”
  • Ann Malaspina “Horse Bones”
  • Alexandria Savastano “So They Told Me That the Girl You Dated Before Me had no Voice Box”
  • Michael Jemal “The Baker”

Also sent out to get our proof copies for Piscataway House Publication’s newest book “I Keep Going” by poet Joshua Ballard…more information on that to come soon….

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