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New Year, New Book, New Idiom, New Look….

2013 was great for The Idiom Magazine and Piscataway House Publications….we handed out mags at festivals….one of our publishers received their MFA and another publisher worked endlessly at their manuscript….We published our first novel, Tollbooth, and it won the best book of 2013 by the people at Drunk Monkeys!

Our latest issue of The Idiom Magazine has been revamped and all prettied up after we upgraded our printing system…we now have a hard card stock cover and color insides!

Our website http://www.theidiommag.com is going to have a new look in a few weeks and we plan on changing our submissions guidelines so our online issue is a lil more interactive with the internets…check out the site now though for some of our upcoming events going on….

Speaking of upcoming events!  January 18th the release of our next duel book with Idiom Publisher, Keith Baird and editor for some PHP projects, Andrew “Ink” Feindt….it’s gonna be a great show hosted by Chris Rockwell and musician guests Jimmy James from Little Big Toe and Sarah Donner!  There will be coffee drunk from the Revolutionary Lounge Bar with great food as always and throughout the night poems from the poets and a Haiku Death Match to the DEATH!  It’s free to get in and books will be for sale for $8 and if ya have a book idea perhaps bring it by and maybe you can be having the next book release party!

Over the next two weeks I will be posting my favorite poems from the book and some selections from the current issue of The Idiom so keep an eye out for these posts…..and don’t forget to send us some pieces for possible publication…..

I’ll start with the poems in the current issue from Keith Baird and Ink….

Keith Baird’s poems use simple images to talk about the big picture….how can velcro, rocks we stand on, or the colors we look at really explain anything….Keith shows us that they do more work for us then we could ever imagine…


with all these
vibrant colors before us
it’s easy to forget
that we’re only
staring at the


We’re cutting our hands and feet
On sand and rock,
But give it enough heat
And we’ll be sliding on smooth glass.


Like velcro, quietly fitting together,
Tiny hairs and tendrils attaching
Softly to each other,
And making such a racket when

I love when poets use math in poems….and Ink’s poem includes math and some microeconomics to express the logical mindset that any independent artist would like to express…

Poetry Appraisal

By the transitive property
and creative accounting,
each book of poetry should be valued
in the thousands of dollars.

The proof:
If 1 picture = 1,000 words
and 1 poem = 1 picture,
keeping in mind that even mediocre art
sells for around $300
and that there are generally 50 poems
hanging between front and back cover frames,
then 50 x $300 = $1,500.

But poets are kind.
They know there is more to life than money,
that their art requires time to appreciate
and is not inherently decorative.
So their union issues deep discounts –
coupon code: time=money,
bringing books down to a paltry $5 to $15.

And yet you still debate the purchase.

Aleathia Drehmer explaining her poem Inherent Topography….

Aleathia sent us a clip of her explaining where her poem Inherent Topography came from

You can check out the rest of the issue here

We also have a few new events listed on The Idiom Magazine’s Main Site so check those out….come say hi and pick up a copy of the current issue….

and stay tuned for our Flashback Friday for this week….its gonna be a good one!

Asbury Park Bookfest


Saturday on 4/20 mannnnnnnnnn come check out the idiom magazine and Piscataway House publications at the Asbury Park Book Festival.

We’ll be at Table 21 at Art 629 on Cookman Ave. hopefully it doesn’t get rained out!

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

Poets and Writers,

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

How I Publish The Idiom Magazine

Here is a lil video I made showing “How I Publish The Idiom Magazine”

Check out our other video on our Youtube site to see us reading words, playing music, and other fun stuff….stay tuned for future videos on The Idioms behind The Idiom

Anthony Defabritus’s poem in the current issue

Anthony Defabritus is in the band Accidental Seabirds and runs a recording studio Antfarm Studio

the subtle taste of essence

Tiny foot soldiers treading
down the concave of the spine
tracking dirt as they pass,
leaving behind remnants
of a death march.

Muted cries bounce up the halls
in the early night;
there’s spirits in these walls,
into which we’ve punctured.

How minuscule holes
can start as small drips
then flood in waves,
pulsing to the rhythm of time
as it chooses to pass,
or stay the fuck still.

The illusion of frequency
bringing the march full circle,
retracing its stained footprints
in waters once waded.

I liked the beginning description of the soldiers in this poem and where he goes with them…You never really know where you are in this poem and sometimes that is ok…the third stanza really made me appreciate this piece as the voice changes becomes a little aggressive and kinda sums up a lot of the piece.

Idiom podcast proposition

Idiom Podcast Idea

I have an idea for a poetry podcast that focuses more on the poem than the poet.

To get involved send 4 of your best poems (prose will be accepted too) to theidiommag@yahoo.com.  These 4 poems will be used as the subject and basis of what we talk about during the podcast.

Please put “Idiom Podcast” in the subject line.

You should be in the new jersey area or able to travel there and open to criticism of your work.